Switches and Switch Clusters

There are differences in switch clusters between the single spark, dual spark and the G650 models.

The information here is oriented to the F Series but much of it applies to the other models as well.

There are a few issues with the switch clusters which cause problems and a few repairs which can be made to avoid the costs of complete switch cluster replacement.

The information here is a collection of repairs with contributions from a number of people.

Headlight Switch

BMW run the full power of the headlight through the switch and it is common for the switch to overheat and damage the contacts. A solution is to run the headlight through a relay which also reduces load through the load relief relay.

The original switch repair thread is at F650.com and well worth reading.

A modified version of the headlight switch repair thread is in this repair pdf

Headlight Flasher

BMW run the full power of the headlight through the switch, the contacts get dirty and can fuse together or fail to operate.

Open the LHS switch cluster and clean any dirt from the switch, use a folded piece of 600 grade wet and dry to clean and polish the contacts.

Indicator Switch

The indicator switch is packed with grease. The grease dries and dirt and brass from the contacts turn the grease conductive. Wet weather can highlight the problem. When LED indicators are fitted they can flash dimly.

The switch should be cleaned and repacked with grease periodically.

Indicator Switch Repair pdf

Heated Grip and ABS Switches

The wiring on these switches is more exposed and can break off at the solder points. Cable tie the wiring to the switch mount.

After market switches can be used as replacements and the switches mounted closer to the clusters.

The ABS switch is a normally open momentary action switch.

RHS Switch Cluster

The kill and starter switch can collect dirt and become intermittent in operation.

The switches should be cleaned and repacked with grease periodically.

Starter Switch Repair pdf

Also see the wiring repairs page, the wiring can fracture inside the loom.

Alternative Switches and Ideas